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title: "Making Zoom Notifications/Windows Float on BSPWM"
description: "How to get BSPWM to handle Zoom notification windows as floating windows, instead of tiles."
date: 2021-12-02T18:33:54+0000
- "blogumentation"
- "bspwm"
- "zoom"
license_code: "Apache-2.0"
license_prose: "CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0"
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slug: bspwm-zoom-float
I use the tiling window manager [BSPWM]( as window manager for my Linux installation, and have done for most of the time I've been running Linux as my daily driver.
Since Zoom became more prevalent for videoconferencing - especially during the pandemic - I've been getting slowly more annoyed by the way that Zoom operates with it, by default.
This occurs, for instance when a participant starts screen sharing, at which point a full-size tile appears, taking the focus from the window I was previously on, and disappearing shortly after.
After almost two years of getting annoyed by this, this afternoon I finally started looking at it, and found [this reddit thread]( which was looking to solve it.
Unfortunately that wasn't quite what I wanted, but after digging around on GitHub, I've found that [Alex Lushpai's configuration on GitHub](, which I've amended to be:
bspc rule -a zoom state=floating center=on follow=on border=off
Which when put into my `bspwmrc`, now Zoom windows don't get in the way!
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