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title: "\"I Thought You'd Be Paid More\" - What I Learnt From Posting My Salary Publicly"
description: "A writeup of my lightning talk at Tech Nottingham about my salary post."
date: 2021-10-13T14:34:17+0100
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At [Monday's Tech Nottingham]( it was Lightning Talks from the audience, which are always a fun night.
As I've recently [shared my salary publicly]({{< ref 2021-09-09-public-salary-history >}}), I thought it'd be good to talk about the things that have come out of it.
This is a (rough) writeup of what was said.
I started by sharing a link to [/salary/](/salary/) and giving a small overview of why I am sharing it.
# People enjoyed reading / talking about it
This overview gave me time to see that my website's analytics could see a handful of people going to the page to see my salary information. This segued quite nicely into the social media engagement that I'd had:
![Screenshot of Twitter's analytics for the tweet I posted about the blog post, showing almost 15000 impressions and over 2000 total engagements](
![Screenshot of the social interactions with the blog post itself, showing 8 direct responses and 92 likes and reposts](
![Screenshot of the LinkedIn post about the blog post, showing 132 likes, 7 comments, and 11000 impressions](
![Screenshot of my salary history page itself, with 3695 views, and 3117 unique views](
People have been really interested to hear about it, seeing progression, and I've seen much more traffic to the [/salary/](/salary/) page itself, compared to the blog post, showing people care about the numbers more.
# It's nice to be happy with what you've got... until you're not
Although I was really happy with the salary I was going onto at the Cabinet Office, I naturally had other folks mention that they were on more. It's one of those things that reminds me that I'm doing it for exactly that reason - in cases where people aren't talking about salaries, or aware what the market rate is for their skills, they'll find they're being underpaid.
I did also have at least two messages from folks who thought I'd be making more money, which isn't the compliment they thought!
# People don't like talking about it!
Salary is still one of those things that is deeply personal, and still feels like a very specific representation of your personal worth.
I found it interesting that even when I had shared my details so clearly, people direct messaging didn't want to share anything, and instead more give indications of whether it was similar / more.
I can see why folks wouldn't want to talk about it, and I hope that at least people will start to talk about it with their friends, and hopefully trusted colleagues.
# People were quite concerned about legality
Something that I'd definitely not considered before posting it was that it may not even be legal - I definitely should have checked that before I YOLO'd and did it.. Woops!
I knew that in the US there were some states/employers who were able to get it into contracts to prevent discussing it, but fortunately, after posting it, there were good discussions about the [Equality Act 2010]( that it would protect discussions. Additionally, going into Civil Service, where things are very open, it wasn't that problematic.
# It was covered on a podcast!
It was pretty cool to hear about the thoughts of the [Tech Team Weekly podcast]( on the post, and open salaries. I was on holiday when it landed and had to get away and listen to the section, just to make sure that nothing negative was being said about me / being inferred that could give bad optics to it. I had nothing to worry about in the end, but still thought it was good to be sure!
# Closing
I noted that I'm also planning on writing a post in a year to reflect on what happened, and hoping to look back and see some positive impact that has come from the post.
I've had a lot of people reach out to say thank you, a couple who've shared their own salary information for comparison, and at least one other person doing similar, which is great!
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