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......@@ -31,7 +31,11 @@ The bee I tried to save last week did not survive long, even after having a bit
- Getting a bit of garden envy of the other Paws2Rescue folks, who have "normal" gardens with flat grass and no 🦀 cats
- It's felt very surreal having her here, after wanting her for some time, and waiting for ages, to now just be a doggo parent
- Starting to feel a bond grow with her for both of us which is nice, and hoping that this weekend gives her a bit of time to settle in before we bring about some routine this week, while we're both on holiday
- Got through a lot of comfies and PJ bottoms
- Got through a lot of comfies and PJ bottoms, as I've got them quite muddy with kneeling outside
- She's really loving sofa cuddles
- She's been doing a weird growly nom on her leg just before she settles, which we're hoping will reduce
- Lots of crying/barking as part of her separation anxiety, leading to a rather noisy day 😅
- Finding it much harder to pick her up than Morph - not just because she's less comfortable, but also a much less bendy composure than a cat!
- Lots of personal website/Micropub work:
- Largely around Micropub, and making it possible for full context support, so a listen/read/like/bookmark/etc shows more information about what it's related to
- Been some rewriting of internals, making it more generic for retrieving context for posts, and a fun technical interview style "how do you de-duplicate this list of objects"
......@@ -48,3 +52,24 @@ The bee I tried to save last week did not survive long, even after having a bit
- Not a great idea not getting a case as it's _so slippy_ and has been quite frustrating really
- With it being considerably wider than the Pixel 3A I was on before, one-handed browsing (i.e. while brushing teeth) is _much_ more awkward
- Was a bit of a pain migrating to a new device for my Okta Verify passwordless auth for my website, but got there in the end
- Really enjoying having wireless charging, although it's weird having the hum of the charger next to my head
- It's wild how quickly the house has descended into chaos because she's been taking up a lot of time, and we're avoiding doing too much when she's around - partly to keep her company, but also to reduce other noises, albeit it won't help as much with separation anxiety
- Been enjoying having peanut butter for quick energy boost and to keep going until next meal
- Very surprised that sofa with pizza and Cookie didn't go perfectly first time, and we had to fight her off from eating pizza, but she settled in the end and it taught her that it's our food, not hers
Listened to:
- _1984_
- _Zak George's Dog Revolution_
- _Couples Retreat_
- _The Lovebirds_
- _Special Correspondence_
- _The Boys: Diabolical_
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