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Announce OggCamp IndieWeb talk

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title: "Talking about the IndieWeb at OggCamp 2019"
description: "Announcing my talk at OggCamp 2019 about the IndieWeb."
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I'm very excited to announce that in October I'll be speaking at [OggCamp 2019]( about the [IndieWeb](! The full talk title is:
> The IndieWeb Movement: Owning Your Data and Being the Change You Want to See in the Web
And I'm looking forward to sharing with the great group in Manchester all about what the IndieWeb is, why it matters, and how everyone can get involved!
This is my first public engagement speaking about the IndieWeb ([but by no means the first talk about the IndieWeb](, so I'm a little nervous about it, but I'm equally excited for it!
The talk's abstract can be found on [the talk description page on this site](/talks/indieweb/).
OggCamp is a great 2-day conference which is best summed up as "Collaborative Culture" and everything that entails. If you're interested in hearing more about what the event is like, [I wrote a fairly involved OggCamp 2018 recap post]({{< ref 2018-08-23-oggcamp-2018 >}}).
The [line-up looks like an incredibly strong set of speakers and interesting talks](, and I'm especially interested to hear [Anna]('s talk _Noobs on Ubs_ and the ever brilliant [Terence Eden]( talking about [OpenBenches](
Tickets are on sale now, and can be found [linked from the event's site](!
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