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title: "Automagically determining feeds provided for a given URL on the command-line"
description: "Creating a command-line application to discover feeds for a given URL."
date: 2022-06-19T21:21:36+0100
date: "2022-06-19T21:21:36+0100"
- ""
- go
- rss
- feed
- slack
- "go"
- "rss"
- "feed"
- "slack"
license_code: "Apache-2.0"
license_prose: "CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0"
slug: cli-feed-discovery
slug: "cli-feed-discovery"
I'm a big fan of feed formats like RSS/Atom, Microformats2 and JSON feed, and like to use a feed reader as my primary reading source.
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