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......@@ -34,6 +34,12 @@ A fairly busy week ahead of Rich and Soph staying, and API Days London for my se
- Rediscovered some very nice photos from the last few years - for our digital photo frame - and have a new phone background, that I'm going to be getting printed for my desk
- Found it very frustrating not being able to join work meetings on Teams due to [Microsoft actively blocking Firefox](
- Was nice having an extra hour's sleep this morning given the clocks changing
- <span style="display: none">Mum's antibody test came back very positive and full of antibodies!</span>
- Morph scared off a black cat trying to sneak into the garden
- Was a human adult and didn't get an unnecessary takeaway for Wednesday lunch
- Didn't get any trick or treaters, luckily
- Ordered my Hacktoberfest t-shirt
- Booper for the garage has stopped working, which is not great
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