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title: "Week Notes 20#28"
description: "What happened in the week of 2020-07-06?"
- week-notes
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date: 2020-07-12T22:07:00+0100
slug: "week-notes-28"
series: week-notes
A 5-day weekend, with Monday and Tuesday off work, and ending the work week very happily with my promotion!
- An extra long weekend was really nice, and I felt it helped with some of the burnout I've been feeling
- Morph's cat flap seems to be broken, and not registering when he's coming into the cat flap, so that's really not fun, and has meant he's not had the best week
- Re-discovered the artist [Logistics](, who I had quite a few songs in my library already, and have enjoyed finding quite a few other great songs
- Wednesday back at work was a great start - it was the team's retro, and then in the afternoon we had a virtual escape room and our team came 7/20 (and 7/8 for those that escaped). It was good fun, and nice virtual, different, experience to the ones we've done personally, and had a good mix of teamwork (with a team captain set up), and Augmented Reality
- Got a £15 voucher for Just Eat from work, as we didn't get the chance to have food together
- It's the start of PI planning, so we're looking ahead to the next quarter - which is also my last quarter with the team
- We've had a few team changes, which has had a noticeable effect on the productivity in sessions
- Some interesting work coming through that's giving the team some good opportunities
- Some quite frustrating inter-team comms issues, which could've really been handled better - not caused by me, at least
- [My promotion was confirmed on Thursday]({{< ref 2020-07-09-new-job-title-who-dis >}}), which I'm really happy about. It's been a lot of work to get me to this point, and I'm really glad to have it come to fruition. It's going to be a great step up - but I'm glad I have another PI to help hand things over and ensure the team is in a great place before I go
- The team moves weren't by choice, but it's a great opportunity, and I was headhunted for the position!
- Celebrated, very classily, with KFC and Prosecco
- Didn't get to attending _JetBrains Technology Day for Java_ in the end
- Anna had some friends over on Sunday for her birthday which was nice - was nice to see them, and to have some human contact
- Ring Fit Adventures hasn't been as successful this week - on Friday I didn't do it, and Saturday's game was cut short by the takeaway arriving early
- Making a start on my Micropub internals rewrite - it's a bit of a big one, and I've wanted to invest time in it as there's a lot of complexities to keep in my head
- This weekend raced by, and was far too short. Maybe because it was three days shorter than last weekend!
- Bought an "infinity cube" to help with fidgeting
- [Fixed]( my retweets sending incorrectly
- Someone posted [_Creating My Own Personal Micropub Client_]({{< ref 2020-06-28-personal-micropub-client >}}) to [Lobsters](, which has given me a tonne of traffic over the last few days
- Been enjoying the flexibility that having my own client provides, and being able to i.e. have [HWC-specific posts](
- Caught up with my cousins - which at least started a bit earlier than last time!
- First PHPMiNDS with Bal on the team, and in this meetup we had set things up much better, with slides and a bit more structure
- Watched _The Old Guard_
- Watched _Plus One_
- Pre-ordered _Paper Mario: The Origami King_
- Played a fair bit of _Apex Legends_
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