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Add AWS apprentices session

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......@@ -33,6 +33,7 @@ The one with all the waiting 👀😩
- Unfortunately weren't able to see the gang, but will be seeing them this coming week which will be nice
- Discovered the "saver slot" with Sainsburys' home delivery and are really annoyed we've been paying more for an hour's slot instead of a three hour slot, as generally we don't need things _that_ urgently
- Morph's not been happy about the side gate door being more reinforced - as part of prep for Ella to come home - as he's having to go cross country and his little muddy paw prints are all over the conservatory 🐾
- Had some good chats with the apprentices about AWS, and looking at breaking down a brief they've got into a Cloud Native (Architect framework, clearly) solution
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