Commit 688e17d0 authored by James Thomas's avatar James Thomas

Fix issue with latest flash scripts where u-boot fails to flash

This is because a new file is generated "u-boot-spl-entry" with the
correct SPL addr in only when you use the nvidia flashing scripts to
build u-boot (we don't), so create this file as part of the flashing
parent 6f9584e2
......@@ -92,6 +92,8 @@ board_flash_uboot()
# move files needed for flashing, we don't need these on the boot partition
mv tmp/boot/u-boot.bin $work_dir/jetson-tk1/u-boot.bin
mv tmp/boot/u-boot/* $work_dir/jetson-tk1/
# Manually define the SPL entry address
echo 0x80108000 > $work_dir/jetson-tk1/u-boot-spl-entry
rm -rf tmp/boot/u-boot/
cd $work_dir/jetson-tk1
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