Commit ac1a1cad authored by James Mark Chan's avatar James Mark Chan

updating desired features

parent 70f9b263
......@@ -38,11 +38,12 @@ v0.3
v0.4e (evaluation)
- updated eclipselink to 2.6 allows auto schema update
- improved gui initialization
- windows disk model via powershell query
- linux disk model via "df /data/path" & "lsblk /dev/path --output MODEL"
- osx disk model via "df /data/path" & "diskutil info /dev/disk1"
- platform disk model info:
windows: via powershell query
linux: via "df /data/path" & "lsblk /dev/path --output MODEL"
osx: via "df /data/path" & "diskutil info /dev/disk1"
desired features
- hard disk capacity and drive letter (windows)
- auto clear disk cache linux
- auto clear disk cache windows
- disk access time (ms)
- disk capacity and drive letter (available on windows)
- auto clear disk cache windows, linux, osx
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