Commit 6d354f36 authored by John A's avatar John A

Fix bug in neofetch mode example

parent d5792cf5
......@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ optional args:
`neofetch` is a [neat program]( that displays system information in a pretty format in the terminal. As part of the output, `neofetch` displays colored ascii art, typically of your Linux distribution logo, next to the text. `neofetch` will also take custom ascii art in a [particular format]( `neofetch` mode takes advantage of this feature to output the bonsai tree in perfect format for this purpose. For example:
bonsai -L 20 -g 35,20 > my_bonsai_art.txt
bonsai -n -L 20 -g 35,20 > my_bonsai_art.txt
neofetch --ascii my_bonsai_art.txt --ascii_colors 11 3 10 2 0
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