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# Jacki Bauer
# Jacki's ReadMe
Hi, I’m the UX Manager for Enablement and Growth. Thanks for visiting!
### My background and personal life
* I studied sociology, computer science and interaction design.
* I’m from the suburbs of Chicago and have also lived in Japan, Belgium and Falls Church, VA (DC). I don’t like cold weather, so now I live in Austin, TX.
* I’ve worked in big companies and small. I’ve found things to love and learn from both.
* I have two dogs and a cat. I like gardening, snarky cross-stitch, cooking, reading, video games, live music, traveling to new places, and trying new restaurants, among other things.
### A bit about how I work and think
* I recently read [Radical Candor](https://www.amazon.com/Radical-Candor-Kick-Ass-Without-Humanity/dp/1250103509/ref=sr_1_2?crid=1XTASFP9TYTI8&keywords=radical+candor&qid=1561143007&s=gateway&sprefix=radical+cand%2Cgarden%2C150&sr=8-2) and found it to really help me frame things up for honest communication. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it!
* I’m somewhat introverted and have a tendency to immerse myself in ideas and process over relationships and action. It’s not a bad thing; it means I try to balance my days between thinking and talking.
* Values I have and like in others: personal responsibility, honesty, and authenticity. I like understanding what others care about, so next time we talk, feel free to tell me about your values and how they shape your work.
* I think that the more we use plain and simple language to express ourselves, the better we can communicate and understand each other without assumptions or pretensions. That said, I almost always use too many words when I write.
### My leadership style
* My favorite part of being a manager is helping people on my team and other teams find success. I am here to help and I’m always happy to do so via any communication channel.
* I am always trying to improve - myself, other people, other things. For this reason people sometimes find me to be overly critical. My intent is to have honest conversations so that we can all do better.
* Traits I think make good UX designers great: low ego, ability to communicate design rational, reliance on data and good judgement as to when to roll with things and when to push back.
* I prefer honesty over comfort. If I do something that’s really not helpful, please talk to me about it. It may or may not be something I can change, but that open communication will go a long way towards strengthening our relationship.