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Ixion is a general purpose formula parser & interpreter that can calculate multiple named targets, or "cells".


The goal of this project is to create a library for calculating the results of formula expressions stored in multiple named targets, or "cells". The cells can be referenced from each other, and the library takes care of resolving their dependencies automatically upon calculation. The caller can run the calculation routine either in a single-threaded mode, or a multi-threaded mode. The library also supports re-calculations where the contents of one or more cells have been modified since the last calculation, and a partial calculation of only the affected cells need to be calculated.


This library is written with portability in mind; platform specific calls are avoided as much as possible. It makes use of the boost library to achieve portability in some places.


Achieving good performance is one of the goals of this project. As much care is taken as humanly possible, to attain reasonable performance.

Threaded calculation

Ixion can perform threaded calculation using arbitrary number of threads, for both full and partial calculation modes.

Supported features

  • Each calculation session is defined in a plain text file, which is parsed and interpreted by the Ixion parser.
  • Fully threaded calculation.
  • Name resolution using A1- and R1C1-style references.
  • Support 2D cell references and named expressions.
  • Support range references.
  • Support table references.
  • 3D cell and range references.
  • Dependency tracking during both full calculation and partial re-calculation.
  • Inline strings.
  • Volatile functions. The framework for volatile functions is implemented. We just need to implement more functions.
  • C++ API.
  • Python API.

Planned features

  • Matrix support.
    • Inline matrix.
    • Matrix as formula out from a single function.
    • Jump matrix - range input to function that expects a scalar input, and generate matrix output.
  • More built-in functions.
  • Support for custom functions defined in the caller program.
  • Support for external references.


Download source packages

Version API Version Release Date Download Check Sum File Size (bytes)
0.12.2 0.12 2016-12-14 libixion-0.12.2.tar.xz sha256sum: 8b44008836bb4e1a3dff4d3e40afec6c73037e3518e72cc85b5cc675fbc2daae 407280
libixion-0.12.2.tar.gz sha256sum: 00d7a44f3d8266fd7da46ceb336288f77fc57bdd95402bdc9bb95f1dcb883baf 627147
0.12.1 0.12 2016-09-17 libixion-0.12.1.tar.xz sha256sum: 000820ba51109ec21cbdb7ea83c1fdb0acbcfeb55b4a6a80fe02b71d45c587c2 406300
libixion-0.12.1.tar.gz sha256sum: 7d03679041f291456052ccff8710f591b955a8ca53bc1670df10f8741274775d 628577
0.12.0 0.12 2016-07-15 libixion-0.12.0.tar.xz sha256sum: 055b7b9e31663f0acb7f249d68ca08e480f8f5d43ef5e4bd57b2fb04242307b0 393284
libixion-0.12.0.tar.gz sha256sum: ba1d6f78fe3f302723d286ffe1ec25571b7983a360184c66a88782177fe3496e 601525
0.11.1 0.11 2016-05-11 libixion-0.11.1.tar.xz sha256sum: c9e9f52580d618fa969fc0293f55af21a9c74bfb802e655c6bf239202f95bede 366660
libixion-0.11.1.tar.gz sha256sum: 9ff20f6370e6f1e86a67d4159123195a875b11f7332b0cf9373ba98c57953916 568876
0.11.0 0.11 2016-02-13 libixion-0.11.0.tar.xz sha256sum: 97a6e7f2b1fcbff69e76fe4e1df62f1cfcc353820472991e37de00aacb024293 365652
libixion-0.11.0.tar.gz sha256sum: fd697e9ab334bb1cf0161fab25f46bbbcf517248de9bbc1f684d9854b9b287c0 567644
0.9.1 2015-04-05 libixion-0.9.1.tar.xz md5sum: d292f6d62847f2305178459390842eac
sha1sum: 8ae071e7e89784933caadeffc16ed7b0764350a9
0.9.0 2015-02-16 libixion-0.9.0.tar.xz md5sum: 26f293e708513dea5e6e25e9232a7400
sha1sum: 4f97682546236aee686e86293f9890d79f25cf23
0.7.0 2013-12-13 libixion-0.7.0.tar.bz2 md5sum: 000157117801f9507f34b26ba998c4d1
sha1sum: 99b8f9f49078ef7e15280f5c73dff639a6e9472c
0.5.0 2013-03-27 libixion-0.5.0.tar.bz2 md5sum: ebaeab9ffe1e6bd68b2a20bfa430b3af
sha1sum: 99290ed5aa2ab2338ba04737210256c48885107c
0.3.0 2011-11-01 libixion_0.3.0.tar.bz2 md5sum: 96a36a0016f968a5a7c4b167eeb1643b
sha1sum: ac1fa915303ed8492ac50d6f0aa4d974e8405954

Building from source code

Ixion uses autoconf and automake as its build system. As such, building it from sources should be familiar to those who are used to these tools.

In short, run the following command:

make install

at the root directory after either cloning from the repository or unpacking the source package.

Build dependencies

Ixion has build-time dependency on the following libraries:

Note that when you are building from the master branch of the git repository, it's recommended that you also use the latest mdds source code from its repository for the build, else you may encounter build issues or test failures.