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......@@ -52,6 +52,12 @@ for both full and partial calculation modes.
* [Official API documentation](
## Installation
Please refer to the []( file for build and
installation instructions.
## Download source packages
| Version | API Version | Release Date | Download | Check Sum | File Size (bytes) |
......@@ -78,30 +84,3 @@ for both full and partial calculation modes.
| 0.5.0 | | 2013-03-27 | [libixion-0.5.0.tar.bz2]( | md5sum: ebaeab9ffe1e6bd68b2a20bfa430b3af<br/>sha1sum: 99290ed5aa2ab2338ba04737210256c48885107c | - |
| 0.3.0 | | 2011-11-01 | [libixion_0.3.0.tar.bz2]( | md5sum: 96a36a0016f968a5a7c4b167eeb1643b<br/>sha1sum: ac1fa915303ed8492ac50d6f0aa4d974e8405954 | - |
## Building from source code
Ixion uses autoconf and automake as its build system. As such, building it
from sources should be familiar to those who are used to these tools.
In short, run the following command:
make install
at the root directory after either cloning from the repository or unpacking
the source package.
### Build dependencies
Ixion has build-time dependency on the following libraries:
* [boost](
* [mdds](
Note that when you are building from the master branch of the git repository,
it's recommended that you also use the latest mdds source code from its
repository for the build, else you may encounter build issues or test failures.
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