Commit 1a93f6a9 authored by Kohei Yoshida's avatar Kohei Yoshida

Use foreach to clean things up a bit.

parent 9d80a94c
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......@@ -152,16 +152,16 @@ add_executable(compute-engine-test EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL
add_custom_target(parser-test-t0 COMMAND ixion-parser -t 0 ${PARSER_TEST_FILES})
add_custom_target(parser-test-t1 COMMAND ixion-parser -t 1 ${PARSER_TEST_FILES})
add_custom_target(parser-test-t2 COMMAND ixion-parser -t 2 ${PARSER_TEST_FILES})
add_custom_target(parser-test-t3 COMMAND ixion-parser -t 3 ${PARSER_TEST_FILES})
add_custom_target(parser-test-t4 COMMAND ixion-parser -t 4 ${PARSER_TEST_FILES})
add_custom_target(parser-test-t5 COMMAND ixion-parser -t 5 ${PARSER_TEST_FILES})
add_custom_target(parser-test-t6 COMMAND ixion-parser -t 6 ${PARSER_TEST_FILES})
add_custom_target(parser-test-t7 COMMAND ixion-parser -t 7 ${PARSER_TEST_FILES})
add_custom_target(parser-test-t8 COMMAND ixion-parser -t 8 ${PARSER_TEST_FILES})
foreach(_I RANGE 8)
set(_IS "${_I}")
add_custom_target(parser-test-t${_IS} COMMAND ixion-parser -t ${_I} ${PARSER_TEST_FILES} DEPENDS ixion-parser)
foreach(_I RANGE 7)
set(_IS "${_I}")
math(EXPR _INEXT "${_I}+1")
add_dependencies(parser-test-t${_INEXT} parser-test-t${_IS})
target_link_libraries(ixion-test libixion)
target_link_libraries(ixion-test-track-deps libixion)
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