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Contributing to iucode_tool development

Contributions in the form of patches or merge requests, and bug/issue
reports (especially when they are detailed) are welcome.

Please report issues and bugs (with or without proposed patches) and
request new features through the gitlab interface:

Merge requests (aka pull requests) should be made through the gitlab web
interface.  Note that I am perfectly happy to also take patches over
email or as attachments to issue reports.

Reporting security issues:

iucode_tool is not particularly security-sensitive, but if you need to
contact me about a security issue that should not be made public before
a fix is widely deployed, you have two options:

1. Contact me through GnuPG encrypted email (key fingerprint/key id

2. Alternatively, please contact the Debian security team[1]. They will
   forward the issue to me, and they can independently coordinate with
   vendor-sec and the other Linux distros as required.