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  • 0.7.0   Version 0.7.0
    bff778b0 · version 0.7.0 ·
    Release 0.7.0
    • DEP Update issues/80 :
      • golang to 1.10.1
      • docker-compose to 1.20.1
      • hugo to 0.38.1 and repair site static
    • SCENARIO update examples scenario issues/75
    • PULL_RESP : proper support of PULL_RESP with TX_ACK issues/81
      • Add tests on gateway part
    • PROMETHEUS : change of metrics name and add new to count pushack and pullresp issues/80
      • lorhammer_pushack_durations : Lora push ack latency distributions.
      • lorhammer_pullresp_durations : Lora pull resp latency distributions.
      • lorhammer_pushack_long_request : Lora nb lora push ack request witch take more than 2sc.
      • lorhammer_pullresp_long_request : Lora nb lora pull resp request witch take more than 2sc.
    • PROMETHEUS : add metric for mqtt checker to be able to count messages after loraserver issues/84
      • orchestrator_mqtt_ok : Count of validated MQTT messages
      • orchestrator_mqtt_failed : Count of validation failed MQTT messages
    • DEPLOYER add multi ssh deployer issues/85
  • 0.6.0   Version 0.6.0
    35a8ce32 · version 0.6.0 ·
    Release 0.6.0
    • SCENARIO new feature : launch multiple scenarios (payloads) with 1 orchestrator issues/69 :
      • BREAKING before scenario file have 'init' property now its an array of init
      • BREAKING remove 'sleepAfterDeployTime' in deploy
      • BREAKING add 'requieredLorhammer' and 'maxWaitLorhammerTime' in scenario file
      • BREAKING remove ramp tytpe test because too complexe to manage in multiple scenarios
      • add a flag to lorhammer --max-wait-orchestrator to ask for an orchestrator for a max period (1 minute by default)
    • CONSUL remove consul and pass mqtt url directly, permit to deploy more easily and to launch multiple orchestrator issues/66
    • LORHAMMER allow to set port used to be scrapped by prometheus issues/64
    • ORCHESTRATOR exit(1) if an error occur during scenario (previously exit > 0 only when checker fail) issues/67 + repair bug on ramp type test
    • CHECKER fix bug mqtt checker not working issues/62
    • DEP Update :
      • dependencies
      • golang to 1.10
      • dep to 0.4.1
      • gitlab-ci to use artifact for vendor
      • rename packages testType and testSuite into testype and testsuite for lint
    • MAKE make help display all tasks available with description
    • PROVISIONER delete semtech v4 issues/58
  • 0.5.0   Version 0.5.0
    7d91a0bb · release 0.5.0 ·
    Release 0.5.0
    • PROVISIONER increase timeout for http requests 57
    • CHECKER add mqtt checker issues/50
    • MQTT fix bug : mosquitto refuse to talk to a client with clientId containing a / issues/59
    • CHECKER Remove consulClient in checker interface issues/55
  • 0.4.0   Version 0.4.0
    7ccabba1 · release 0.4.0 ·
    Release 0.4.0
  • 0.3.1   Version 0.3.1
    3a89e2b0 · version 0.3.1 ·
    Release 0.3.1
    • PROVISIONER Fix bug : when HTTP generic provisioner Deprovision() bad scenario was send issues/51
  • 0.3.0   Version 0.3.0
    4d97a14d · release 0.3.0 ·
    Release 0.3.0
    • SCENARIO Add a property to set the number of times the entire set of payloads will be sent issues/48
    • CI use make to build issues/46
    • GO update to golang 1.9 and use sync.map instead of concurrent-map issues/47
    • PROVISIONER Add HTTP generic provisioner with a POST to add sensors and POST to delete them issues/38
  • 0.2.2   Version 0.2.2
    Release 0.2.2
    • CI repair docker creation on tag
  • 0.2.1   Version 0.2.1
    6d23bd81 · release 0.2.1 ·
    Release 0.2.1
    • CI clean artifact released by deleting useless i386 arch and directories containing binaries already present in tar.gz issues/41
    • ORCHESTRATOR fix bug : kafka receive message after closing kafka connexion issues/42
    • LORHAMMER fix bug : if no ip found lorhammer crash with index out of range issues/43
    • ORCHESTRATOR fix bug : if a scenario fail, but next scenario success, orchestrator exit(>0) now issues/25
    • PROVISIONER Goroutine over node creation to speed process in loraserver provisioner, you need to add nbProvisionerParallel: 10 in scenario file issues/17
  • 0.2.0   Version 0.2.0
    Release 0.2.0
    • CI Use goreleaser to have better deployment management issues/32
    • SCENARIO A payload can have a specific date issues/37
    • SCENARIO Specify time before considering a no ack received in error issues/31
    • CI Deploy lorhammer docker version issue/26
    • CODE Use golang/dep to manage dependencies issue/36
    • DEPLOYER Local deployer can set local-ip for deployed lorhammers issue/23
    • SCENARIO Time before check issue/24
    • SCENARIO Specify rxpk date to send issue/22
    • CHECKER Kafka checker allow to check only sub-part of a message issue/21
    • SCENARIO SleepTime between scenario is configurable issue/2
    • PROVISIONER Use existing application to provision loraserver issue/18
    • CHECKER Checker kafka : listen kafka queue and check message issue/14
    • CHECKER Abstract checker concept issue/15
  • 0.1.0   First not stable release
    92dfd117 · Merge branch 'docUpdate' ·
    Release 0.1.0

    First not stable release