Commit bffbcec6 authored by ita1024's avatar ita1024

Merge branch 'waf_ut_enc' into 'master'

waf_unit_test: prevent error when dumping run to script and environment contains UTF-8 chars

See merge request !2220
parents 02c9f814 f903ad5f
......@@ -214,7 +214,7 @@ class utest(Task.Task):
'cmd': cmd
script_file = self.inputs[0].abspath() + ''
Utils.writef(script_file, script_code)
Utils.writef(script_file, script_code, encoding='utf-8')
os.chmod(script_file, Utils.O755)
if Logs.verbose > 1:'Test debug file written as %r' % script_file)
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