Commit f7962c5e authored by Federico Pellegrin's avatar Federico Pellegrin

javatest: add dependency management for jar/java taskgens

parent 29af444d
......@@ -60,6 +60,8 @@ import os
from waflib import Task, TaskGen, Options, Errors, Utils, Logs
from waflib.Tools import ccroot
JAR_RE = '**/*'
def _process_use_rec(self, name):
Recursively process ``use`` for task generator with name ``name``..
......@@ -139,6 +141,20 @@ def javatest_process_use(self):
# Only add to libpath if the link task is not a Python extension
extend_unique(self.javatest_libpaths, [tg.link_task.outputs[0].parent.abspath()])
if 'javac' in tg.features or 'jar' in tg.features:
if hasattr(tg, 'jar_task'):
# For Java JAR tasks depend on generated JAR
extend_unique(self.javatest_dep_nodes, tg.jar_task.outputs)
# For Java non-JAR ones we need to glob generated files (Java output files are not predictable)
if hasattr(tg, 'outdir'):
base_node = tg.outdir
base_node = tg.path.get_bld()
self.javatest_dep_nodes.extend([dx for dx in base_node.ant_glob(JAR_RE, remove=False, quiet=True)])
@TaskGen.after_method('apply_java', 'use_javac_files', 'set_classpath', 'javatest_process_use')
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