Commit f4146027 authored by Michael Vincent's avatar Michael Vincent

msvcdeps: Tweak debug output

Print out which source file waf is gathering dependencies for and leave
the leading spaces in the dependency debug output because it can be
helpful to see the dependency hierarchy.
parent 816f466e
......@@ -211,11 +211,14 @@ def exec_command(self, cmd, **kw):
# get one from the exception object
ret = getattr(e, 'returncode', 1)
Logs.debug('msvcdeps: Running for: %s' % self.inputs[0])
for line in raw_out.splitlines():
if line.startswith(INCLUDE_PATTERN):
inc_path = line[len(INCLUDE_PATTERN):].strip()
# Only strip whitespace after log to preserve
# dependency structure in debug output
inc_path = line[len(INCLUDE_PATTERN):]
Logs.debug('msvcdeps: Regex matched %s', inc_path)
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