Commit e32a6d41 authored by Federico Pellegrin's avatar Federico Pellegrin

javaw: fix buglet overwrites working variable while adding dependencies

variable x is used in the outer loop and gets corrupted by inner enumeration in case of non-jar dependency

to reproduce: use the demos/java and run waf build twice: the first time will work (since no class files around)
while the second will not since will by bad luck pick a class file in the inner loop
parent 29af444d
......@@ -251,7 +251,7 @@ def use_javac_files(self):
base_node = tg.path.get_bld()
self.javac_task.dep_nodes.extend([x for x in base_node.ant_glob(JAR_RE, remove=False, quiet=True)])
self.javac_task.dep_nodes.extend([dx for dx in base_node.ant_glob(JAR_RE, remove=False, quiet=True)])
for tsk in tg.tasks:
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