Commit e3227a61 authored by Federico Pellegrin's avatar Federico Pellegrin

c_config: -flto and -fno-lto need to be passed also when linking

parent c98e8b9b
......@@ -150,7 +150,7 @@ def parse_flags(self, line, uselib_store, env=None, force_static=False, posix=No
elif x.startswith('-std='):
prefix = 'CXXFLAGS' if '++' in x else 'CFLAGS'
app(prefix, x)
elif x.startswith('+') or x in ('-pthread', '-fPIC', '-fpic', '-fPIE', '-fpie'):
elif x.startswith('+') or x in ('-pthread', '-fPIC', '-fpic', '-fPIE', '-fpie', '-flto', '-fno-lto'):
app('CFLAGS', x)
app('CXXFLAGS', x)
app('LINKFLAGS', x)
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