Commit b3663173 authored by Michael Vincent's avatar Michael Vincent Committed by ita1024
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gccdeps: Refactor cache lock

Rework how gccdeps' cached_nodes lock is used so acquiring the lock is
only necessary on a cache miss. Also use a "with" context manager to
simplify management of the lock lifecycle.

Ported from 8b5a2a20
parent c52efadb
......@@ -54,14 +54,17 @@ def path_to_node(base_node, path, cached_nodes):
# Not hashable, assume it is a list and join into a string
node_lookup_key = (base_node, os.path.sep.join(path))
node = cached_nodes[node_lookup_key]
except KeyError:
node = base_node.find_resource(path)
cached_nodes[node_lookup_key] = node
# retry with lock on cache miss
with lock:
node = cached_nodes[node_lookup_key]
except KeyError:
node = cached_nodes[node_lookup_key] = base_node.find_resource(path)
return node
def post_run(self):
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