Commit 44bb31da authored by Michael Vincent's avatar Michael Vincent

gccdeps: Add support for gas

Add support for generating and using gcc's native dependency files with
the GNU Assembler in addition to the existing C/C++ support.

When the gas and gccdeps tools are loaded, the configure step will test
whether gcc operating on an assembly file supports the -MMD argument.
If so, waf will pass the -MMD argument to .S files assembled with gcc
which will cause it to generate .d dependency files. Waf will then parse
those files for dependency information.

Note: This will only work for assembly files compiled through the gcc
frontend, not with GNU as directly. It also requires assembly files to
use the uppercase .S file extension.
parent 780a2abf
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
import sys
def configure(conf):
conf.load('gcc gas')
conf.load('gcc gas gccdeps')
size = sys.maxint
except AttributeError:
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ if not c_preproc.go_absolute:
gccdeps_flags = ['-MMD']
# Third-party tools are allowed to add extra names in here with append()
supported_compilers = ['gcc', 'icc', 'clang']
supported_compilers = ['gas', 'gcc', 'icc', 'clang']
def scan(self):
if not self.__class__.__name__ in self.env.ENABLE_GCCDEPS:
......@@ -175,14 +175,14 @@ def wrap_compiled_task(classname):
derived_class.scan = scan
derived_class.sig_implicit_deps = sig_implicit_deps
for k in ('c', 'cxx'):
for k in ('asm', 'c', 'cxx'):
if k in Task.classes:
def force_gccdeps(self):
self.env.ENABLE_GCCDEPS = ['c', 'cxx']
self.env.ENABLE_GCCDEPS = ['asm', 'c', 'cxx']
def configure(conf):
# in case someone provides a --enable-gccdeps command-line option
......@@ -191,6 +191,15 @@ def configure(conf):
global gccdeps_flags
flags = conf.env.GCCDEPS_FLAGS or gccdeps_flags
if conf.env.ASM_NAME in supported_compilers:
conf.check(fragment='', features='asm force_gccdeps', asflags=flags, compile_filename='test.S', msg='Checking for asm flags %r' % ''.join(flags))
except Errors.ConfigurationError:
conf.env.append_value('ASFLAGS', flags)
conf.env.append_unique('ENABLE_GCCDEPS', 'asm')
if conf.env.CC_NAME in supported_compilers:
conf.check(fragment='int main() { return 0; }', features='c force_gccdeps', cflags=flags, msg='Checking for c flags %r' % ''.join(flags))
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