Commit 1e1818c0 authored by Andreu Montiel's avatar Andreu Montiel

Allow parameter "always" in doxygen tool (waflib/extra/

parent f0427d29
...@@ -208,10 +208,10 @@ def process_doxy(self): ...@@ -208,10 +208,10 @@ def process_doxy(self):
self.bld.fatal('doxygen file %s not found' % self.doxyfile) self.bld.fatal('doxygen file %s not found' % self.doxyfile)
# the task instance # the task instance
dsk = self.create_task('doxygen', node) dsk = self.create_task('doxygen', node, always_run=getattr(self, 'always', False))
if getattr(self, 'doxy_tar', None): if getattr(self, 'doxy_tar', None):
tsk = self.create_task('tar') tsk = self.create_task('tar', always_run=getattr(self, 'always', False))
tsk.input_tasks = [dsk] tsk.input_tasks = [dsk]
tsk.set_outputs(self.path.find_or_declare(self.doxy_tar)) tsk.set_outputs(self.path.find_or_declare(self.doxy_tar))
if self.doxy_tar.endswith('bz2'): if self.doxy_tar.endswith('bz2'):
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