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......@@ -25,4 +25,23 @@ them and jump into conversations when cards are mentioned.
15 5 * * 0 root (service askurza restart)
* Run `service askurza start`
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* Run `service askurza start`
## Usage
Any time the bot receives a toot in its incoming feed, it will scan the toot for
card names enclosed in `[[double brackets]]`. If it finds any, it will reply to
the author using the same visibility rules with links to the cards' scryfall
pages, and embedded images with the cards' oracle text as the image description.
Any user can mention the bot to have their cards linked, but it's more convenient
to send the bot the `+register` command, which will tell the bot to follow the
user and automatically scan their toots without having to explicitly mention them.
The user can request to no longer be followed by using the `+unregister` command.
## Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
* You do NOT need to follow the bot for it to work
* Capitalization does not matter, but you need to specify the full English name of the card with punctuation
* For double-faced/split cards you need to specify both halves with spaces around the slashes [[front // back]]
* Does not support filtering for particular printings/artworks
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