Commit 4635ed96 authored by Cynthia Crowley's avatar Cynthia Crowley

Specify variabes read in from GLDAS files.

Otherwise, extraneous variable "time_bnds" gets read in, and this variable has different dimensions ('time' and 'bounds'), than all other variables ('lat', 'lon', and 'time'). This prevents proper parsing of the dimensions.
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......@@ -82,7 +82,11 @@ main <- function(raw_args){
monthdays <- wsim.gldas::get_ndays_from_fname(fname)
gldas_list <-
# Need to specify vars, otherwise the extra var 'time_bnds' prevents lat and lon from being read as real dimensions:
gldas_list <-, vars = c('Evap_tavg', 'PotEvap_tavg', 'Qs_acc', 'Qsb_acc', 'Qsm_acc',
'Rainf_f_tavg', 'SoilMoi0_10cm_inst', 'SoilMoi10_40cm_inst',
'SoilMoi40_100cm_inst', 'Tair_f_inst'))
# Create new raster layers using arithmetic on the raster brick
T <- gldas_list$data$Tair_f_inst - 273.15
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