Commit 3831459b authored by Dan Baston's avatar Dan Baston

Avoid specifying output units in call to wsim_correct

They will be automatically populated based on the observed-values
parent 570d2a58
......@@ -505,13 +505,7 @@ def correct_forecast(data: ForecastForcing, *, yearmon: str, member: str, target
data.fit_obs(month=target_month, var='T'),
data.fit_obs(month=target_month, var='Pr')
forecast=data.forecast_raw(yearmon=yearmon, member=member, target=target) + '',
forecast=data.forecast_raw(yearmon=yearmon, member=member, target=target),
output=data.forecast_corrected(yearmon=yearmon, member=member, target=target),
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