Commit e9a60006 authored by Cynthia Crowley's avatar Cynthia Crowley

Fast config abbreviate forecasts to 3 months. Add comments to config

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......@@ -2,9 +2,15 @@
from config_cfs import CFSConfig
class CFSConfigFast(CFSConfig):
# Skip 6-month, >12-month integration periods:
def integration_windows() -> List[int]:
return [3, 12]
# Use only the first 3 forecast ensemble members:
def forecast_ensemble_members(self, yearmon, *, lag_hours: Optional[int] = None):
return CFSConfig.forecast_ensemble_members(self, yearmon, lag_hours=lag_hours)[:3]
return CFSConfig.forecast_ensemble_members(self, yearmon, lag_hours=lag_hours)[:2]
# Forecast out only 3 months instead of 9:
def forecast_targets(self, yearmon):
return dates.get_next_yearmons(yearmon, 3)
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