Commit a5354009 authored by Cynthia Crowley's avatar Cynthia Crowley

Add forcing to time_integrate

parent 7f031609
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......@@ -154,9 +154,11 @@ def time_integrate(workspace: DefaultWorkspace,
window_observed = months
window_forecast = []
prev_results = [workspace.results(yearmon=x, window=1, basis=basis) + [workspace.forcing(yearmon=x, window=1)] for x in window_observed] + \
prev_results = [workspace.results(yearmon=x, window=1, basis=basis) for x in window_observed] + \
[workspace.forcing(yearmon=x, window=1) for x in window_observed] + \
[workspace.results(yearmon=yearmon, member=member, target=x, window=1, basis=basis)
for x in window_forecast]
for x in window_forecast] + \
[workspace.forcing(yearmon=yearmon, member=member, target=x, window=1) for x in window_forecast]
return [
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