Commit 70c75ebf authored by Ada Gottensträter's avatar Ada Gottensträter

Spintris overhaul

parent 65308765
mkdir -p sdbins
cd source
rm ../sdbins/SPINTRIS.BIN
bstc -Ocgru -e -o ../sdbins/SPINTRIS spintris.spin
mv ../sdbins/SPINTRIS.eeprom ../sdbins/SPINTRIS.BIN
cd ..
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'' somewhat TGM3-ish piece bag randomizer
'' Written by Ada Gottenstrter in 2019
long seed
byte lastpiece,bag[35],drought[7]
PUB init(initseed) |tmp,i,j,i5
'fill bag with 5 of each piece
repeat i from 0 to 6
repeat j from i5 to (i5+4)
bag[j] := i
'shuffle bag
repeat 69
i := randomwrap(35)
j := randomwrap(35)
tmp := bag[i]
bag[i] := bag[j]
bag[j] := tmp
PUB getpiece : piece | i
i := randomwrap(36)
if i => 35 '' Occasionally deal a random piece
return update_drought(randomwrap(7))
piece := bag[i]
if lastpiece==piece AND (seed&negx) '' Maybe reroll once if repeated piece
i := randomwrap(35)
piece := bag[i]
bag[i] := refill_piece
PRI randomwrap(mod)
return ((?seed)&posx)//mod
PRI update_drought(piece) | i
result := lastpiece:= piece
repeat i from 0 to 6
if i == piece
PRI refill_piece | highest,i ' Find piece with highest drought value
repeat i from 0 to 6
if drought[i] => highest
highest := drought[i]
result := i
PRI drawdebug(piece,select) | i,screen
screen:= LONG[CONSTANT($7F00-8)]
byte[screen] := byte[@piecenames][piece]
repeat i from 0 to 34
byte[screen][33+(i&3)+((i>>2)<<5)] := byte[@piecenames][bag[i]]
byte[screen][constant(5+32*10)]:= byte[@piecenames][refill_piece]
i:= select
byte[screen][constant(1+32*23)]:= constant("0"+107)+(i//10)
byte[screen][constant(0+32*23)]:= constant("0"+107)+(i/10)
repeat i from 0 to 6
byte[screen][constant(0+32*11)+(i<<5)] := byte[@piecenames][i]
byte[screen][constant(1+32*11)+(i<<5)] := constant("0"+107)+(drought[i]/100)
byte[screen][constant(2+32*11)+(i<<5)] := constant("0"+107)+((drought[i]/10)//10)
byte[screen][constant(3+32*11)+(i<<5)] := constant("0"+107)+(drought[i]//10)
' Debug guff
byte "r"+107
byte "O"+107
byte "I"+107
byte "T"+107
byte "J"+107
byte "L"+107
byte "S"+107
byte "Z"+107
\ No newline at end of file
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