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Ventialtor Computer Software Archive
Ventilator Computer Software Archive
This repository contains a lot of software for the ventilator computer.
This repository contains a lot of software for the IRQsome Software Ventilator Computer.
More on this later....
## Where is everything?
Software is sorted into three simple categories (and thus, directories):
- `games` for Games
- `demos` for Demos
- `utils` for Utilities
Inside these, there is one directory for each project, which in turn may contain the following directories and files:
- `source` for source code
- `original` for the original release ZIP(s)
- `sdbins` for files that need to go onto the SD card (this directory does not exist in the repository and is created by the build script when you run it)
- `` is the aforementioned build script - it automagically compiles the project
- `README.MD` contains a short description
(Additionally, other useful files (in particular, helpful PC applications) can be found in the `extras` directory)
## What do I need to get the stuff here going?
On your PC, you will need the following software installed (and on PATH!)
- bash-compatible shell to run `` files (if you use Linux or have Git installed, you likely already have this)
- BSTC Spin compiler (you might need to install qemu if you're not using an x86 PC)
- Python
- Ruby
Just run the `` file for the project and copy the files it created in the `sdbins` directory onto the root of your SD card.
They can then be launched by typing `#FILENAME` (given a program file called `FILENAME.BIN`) into the [Ventilator OS]( shell.
If you really wanted, you could also flash the BIN file directly into the boot EEPROM. Exception: This won't work if there is an accompanying RAM file!
## What is the quality standard here?
There are certain requirements for software in this repository:
- It must work on the Ventilator Computer (note: VGA-only software is currently not "allowed")
- It mustn't overwrite the boot EEPROM
- It mustn't output invalid color values (this basically means "ones Ada's TV doesn't like"...)
- It must support FAT32 and both SDSC and SDHC cards (if it uses the SD slot at all, that is)
Additionally, these things are recommended to have (or to add when not already present):
- Runtime switching between NTSC and PAL video formats (if possible, use the "Print Screen" key for this!)
- Sound on both stereo channels
- Both gamepad and keyboard controls
- Pin assignments in a CON section near the top of the main source file
- Ctrl+Alt+Del to quit/reset (exception: two-player games should NOT have this!) (There are keyboard drivers patched floating around in here)
- If the keyboard is used for text input, a QWERTZ layout keyboard driver
- Replacement of `comboKeyboard.spin` with another driver
- If advantageous, PAL60 video output
## What goes into a README.MD file?
For now, look at Spintris's file (Template coming soon!)
## What is left TODO?
- Organize all projects properly and write ``s
- Write `README.MD`s for all projects
- Record videos for all projects where that is applicable
- Fix all code to compile on case-sensitive filesystems
- Bring all projects in line with the "recommendations" above as much as possible
- Unified build system with CI
- Add more software
## What is a Ventilator Computer?
A minimalist single-board microcomputer based on the Parallax P8X32A "Propeller" chip.
Features include:
- microSD reader
- 128K Boot EEPROM
- 128K SPI RAM
- Hi-Fi stereo sound
- Composite video out
- VGA video out (Altough I'm thinking of axing this in Rev.B)
- PS/2 keyboard port
- "proprietary" DIN-6 gamepad port (breaks out into two SNES gamepad ports)
(Before you ask, yes, I will publish the design files when I get around to making a bugfixed Rev. B)
......@@ -5,7 +5,8 @@ Spintris
[![](]( "Video")
## Info
- Type: Game
- Type: Game
- Genre: Puzzle
- Author(s): JT Cook
- First release: 2007
- Improved version: **Yes**
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