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Ventialtor Computer Software Archive
This repository contains a lot of software for the ventilator computer.
More on this later....
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## Info
- Type: Game
- Author(s): JT Cook
- First release: 2007
- Improved version: **Yes**
- Players: 1 or 2
- Special requirements: None
- Video formats: NTSC, PAL50 (selected in source code)
- Inputs: 2x Gamepad, Keyboard
## Description
A simple _Tetris_ clone.
The improved version featured here includes a somewhat _TGM3_-style bag randomizer (instead of a naive randomizer) and a scoring system based on the GameBoy version.
## Controls
|Gamepad|Player 1's Keyboard|Player 2's Keyboard|Action|
|Y|Right CTRL|Left CTRL|Rotate counter-clockwise|
|B|Right ALT|Left ALT|Rotate clockwise|
|Left/Right|Left/Right|F/H|Move piece|
|Down|Down|G|Soft drop|
## TODOs
- Add runtime NTSC/PAL switching
- Add Highscore table
- Add additional scoring mechanics, such as combo and back-to-back bonuses
- Add singleplayer elimination mode
- Further randomization tweaks - it currently likes producing big droughts and floods of Z pieces if one wasn't dealt in the first couple "turns"
- Add an image of St. Basil's Cathedral somewhere :)
- Add music?
## Misc
- Uncomment the `drawdebug` calls in bag_random.spin to visualize the randomizer's state (only works properly in 1P mode)
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