Commit 01870353 authored by Ada Gottensträter's avatar Ada Gottensträter

Update PROPICE to 1.1 (sortof)

parent ba9d5636
## Video
[![](]( "Video")
## Info
- Type: Game
- Genre: Arcade?
- Author(s): Werner L. Schneider
- First release: 2019
- Improved version: No
- Players: 1
- Special requirements: None
- Video formats: NTSC, PAL60
- Inputs: Gamepad,Keyboard
- License: OBEX
## Description
> Inspired by EIS from Klaus Weber 1983 for the EACA Colour Genie EG2000
You are a bulldozer and have to chuck blocks of what I assume to be ice at sad smiley faces.
A tale as old as time itself.
Oddly enough, regardless of how well you do, it is always a GOOD RESULT.
Maybe this is a metaphor for life itself that I'm just not getting.
Or maybe it just is a strange game.
## Controls
|D-Pad|Arrow keys|Move|
|Select|F1|(during game) toggle music|
|Select|PrintScreen|(on title screen) toggle NTSC/PAL60|
## TODOs
- Restore Highscore functionality using an SD file (look at the non-"NO EEPROM" version from the "original" directory)
......@@ -35,12 +35,9 @@ PUB stop
longfill(@ay1_regs, 0, 8)
PUB melody(offs, m)
PUB melody(offs)
if m == 0
byte[ay1_Regs+7] := $1D
byte[ay1_Regs+7] := $1C
' byte[ay1_Regs+7] := $1C
if flagA == 0
buffA_ptr := offs
......@@ -62,12 +59,9 @@ PUB wait(w)
wait_val := w
PUB tone(offs, m)
PUB tone(offs)
if m == 0
byte[ay1_Regs+7] := $1D
byte[ay1_Regs+7] := $1C
byte[ay1_Regs+7] := $1C
if flagB == 0
buffB_ptr := offs
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