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Google Chrome Extension 'String Generator'
Extension is available in Google Store -
<h2>Short Description</h2>
Extension is build for software testers to test input fields.
It helps to test HTML input fields: user specifies the length and the type (number or text) of the string and the extension generates the string of specified length. Or user inserts the string in the second field and the extension calculates the length of it.
For example, if length is 10 and type is number, it gives You the string '1000000009' which You can copy-paste into the field. The first and the last characters are always different from the characters in the middle, which helps to see does field holds the whole string or not.
If the field does not holds the whole string (the last character is missing) - You can copy the string to the second extension's textarea field and calculate the length of it - how many characters it actually holds.
<h2>Hot keys</h2>
* Left arrow checks Number type
* Right arrow checks Text type
* Up arrow checks/unchecks Space checkbox
* Down arrow checks/unchecks Umlaut checkbox
* Tab sets focus on bottom textarea to insert the String for length calculation
<h2>Chrome Tip</h2>
You can configure hot-keys for extension in the Google Chrome:
* open the extensions tab - chrome://extensions/
* Link "Configure commands" at the bottom
* Choose an extension and type a shortcut
Now You can use it completly without a mouse!
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