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  • v1.1
    eff20537 · Update README.md ·

    In Latest Version:

    • New dev design
    • New icon
    • Shows result only if it is not NULL (difference between 0 and NULL)
    • Smart focusing: when You focusing on span calculation, the bottom part of date addition is shadowed. And vice versa.
  • v1.0
    e48e0f42 · v1.0 ·

    In Latest Version:

    • Name change: Span of Datetimes -> SpanD
    • Code refactoring according to Google Security Tips
    • Now You can insert date and time into one field
    • Now You it is possible to use d.mm.yyyy format (1.01.2014, not 01.01.2014)
  • v0.4
    9b774e06 · v0.4 ·


    • Code refactoring according to Uncle Bob's clean code
    • Hot keys: Up, Down, Left, Right Arrows
  • v0.3
    ad7c9223 · v0.3 ·

    The extension calculates how many days and hours are between two datetimes; or calculates the datetime in specified days and hours. Extension is build for software testers to calculate spans or differences between two dates.

    Useful tool for software testers or developers who need to test span between datetimes. For example, if software should automatically calculate next datetime in specified amount of dates.

    Extension can be used completely without a mouse! Enter calculates the span or the next date.

    Useful to know:

    • Format for date input is european DD.MM.YYYY (days first, not months).
    • Regexps for inserting dates and times: Dates /([0,1,2,3][0-9])[., ,, -, /]?([0,1,2][0-9])[., ,, -, /]?([1,2][0-9][0-9][0-9])/ Times /([0,1,2][0-9])[:, ., ,. -]?([0,1,2,3,4,5][0-9])/ So 31.02.2010, 31022010, 31/02/2010, 31-02-2010 will work.
    • Works with negative values! For example, add -1 days to 02.10.2013 will be 01.10.2013. Or span between 4.10.2010 and 1.10.2010 will be -3.
    • Arrow down key in the upper block field switches to the bottom block and arrow up key to the upper blocks.

    Tip: You can configure hot-keys for extension in the Google Chrome:

    • open the extensions tab - chrome://extensions/;
    • Link "Configure commands" at the bottom;
    • Choose an extension and type a shortcut. Now You can use it completely without a mouse!

    In Latest Version:

    • Code refactoring according to uncle Bob's clean code philosophy
    • Now works with minutes too
    • Addition result is automatically selected and ready for copying

    Extension in Google Store - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/span-of-datetimes/eifmojfjlkacjfnaeagfnfjgpajanphn?utm_source=chrome-ntp-icon