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Short Description

Extension opens URL with one parameter in new tab.

It's useful for people who have to open one URL with different parameter values (for example, some prototype with different page ID-s).

Same extension in Chrome

Download and Install

  • Install last version from Mozilla Add-ons Store

Questions and Comments

Any questions or comments are welcome! You can write me an e-mail on irina.ivanova@protonmail.com or create an issue here.


Basically extension simply adds your parameter to specified URL and opens it in new tab:


Where URL is parameter, that user should specify in Options page (only one time after installation) and PARAMETER is parameter that user inserts into extension field.


  • PARAMETER is case insensitive
  • All spaces in the beginning and in the end will be trimmed
  • Skype formatting will be trimmed: [16.09.2014 13:34:34] Irina Ivanova: PARAMETER will be recognised as PARAMETER
  • Shows history of last 5 inserted values.

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