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<h1>Short Description</h1>
Extension opens JIRA issue in new tab. User needs only to insert issue key.
Chrome extension that opens JIRA issue in new tab
It is useful for developers or testers who often need to open JIRA issue using its key.
<a href = "">Page of JIRA Issue Opener</a>
<h1>Download and Install</h1>
<li><strong><a href="">Install</a></strong> last version from Google Store
<li><strong><a href="">Download</a></strong> source code from GitHub and load extension manually</li>
<h1>Questions and Comments</h1>
Any questions or comments are welcome! You can write me an e-mail on <a href=""></a> or leave a comment on this page.
<h1>Source Code and Issues</h1>
Source code and issue reporting is available at GitHub: <a href=""></a>
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<img border="0" src="" width = "400px"/></center>
Basically extension simply adds your issue key to specified URL and opens it in new tab:
Where <code>URL</code> is parameter, that user should specify in Options page (only one time after installation) and <code>KEY</code> is issue key that user inserts into extension field.
<code>KEY</code> is case insensitive. One space in the beginning and all spaces in the end will be trimmed.
<h1>Chrome Tip</h1>
You can configure hot keys for extension in the Google Chrome:
<li>open the extensions tab - <a href="chrome://extensions/">chrome://extensions</a></li>
<li>link "Configure commands" at the bottom</li>
<li>choose an extension and type a shortcut</li>
Now You can use it completely without a mouse!
<h1>Posts About JIRA Issue Opener</h1>
<tr><td><em>September 12, 2014</em></td><td><a href="">JIRA Issue Opener v1.0</a></td></tr>
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