The GUI Release v2.5.0 for the mainnet is part of the Snapshot that was conducted on 22.09.2017. This new GUI release, apart from the new Snapshot, features several important improvements:

  • Prevent address key reuse
  • prevent sending to addresses that have been spent from before
  • added option for switching between CCurl and WebGL2-based PoW
  • changed default MWM to 14 if no configuration file exists
  • update iota.lib.js to 0.4.1
  • change transaction display to sort by attachment time

When upgrading to this new GUI release, keep in mind that, if you're running a full node, that you have to delete your database (mainnetdb and mainnet.log files). In addition to that, we are downgrading the minWeightMagnitude to 14, as such, make sure to manually change this in the GUI under Edit Node Configuration -> Tools -> minWeightMagnitude

In order to regain your full balance, all you have to do is generate addresses. This is also part of helping the network recover and get transactions confirmed faster.


IOTA.Wallet-2.5.0.dmg (generated with shasum)


IOTA.Wallet.Setup.2.5.0.exe (generated with Get-FileHash)


iota_2.5.0_amd64.deb (generated with sha256sum)


iota-2.5.0.i686.rpm (generated with sha256sum)


iota-2.5.0.tar.gz (generated with sha256sum)