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......@@ -8,9 +8,52 @@ Roadmap:
* Detection sensor that automatically trigger the alert
* Automatic door open with a button in openHab
## Flows
###Configuration flow:
graph TD
wifi[Configuring Wifi]
mqtt[Configuring MQTT]
waitButton[Waiting for ring]
InitalState --> wifi
wifi --> mqtt
mqtt --> waitButton
Ring flow:
graph TD
waitButton[Waiting for ring]
push[Push MQTT Ring Message]
wait[Wait MQTT Answer Message]
noanswer[No answser received for 10 seconds]
waitButton --> push
push --> wait
wait --> answered
wait --> noanswer
noanswer --> waitButton
Camera flow:
graph TD
stream[Stream video]
wait[Wait MQTT Camera Message]
wait --> stream
Open Door flow:
graph TD
open[Open Door]
wait[Wait MQTT Open Message]
wait --> open
* openHab:
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