Commit f5b9fa3f authored by Johan Bloemberg's avatar Johan Bloemberg
parent 8a8a9c54
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......@@ -96,10 +96,10 @@ def status():
active_queues = inspect.active_queues()
workers = [{
'name': worker_name,
'queues': [q['name'] for q in active_queues[worker_name]],
'queues': [q['name'] for q in active_queues.get(worker_name, [])],
'tasks_processed': sum(worker_stats['total'].values()),
'tasks_active': len(active[worker_name]),
'tasks_reserved': len(reserved[worker_name]),
'tasks_active': len(active.get(worker_name, [])),
'tasks_reserved': len(reserved.get(worker_name, [])),
'prefetch_count': worker_stats['prefetch_count'],
'concurrency': worker_stats['pool']['max-concurrency'],
} for worker_name, worker_stats in stats.items()]
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