Commit acaf782a authored by Johan Bloemberg's avatar Johan Bloemberg Committed by Johan Bloemberg

Make task processing information more dense.

parent 540f0acf
......@@ -14,12 +14,13 @@
<li class="contrast">Workers</li>
<li v-for="worker in workers">
<p>{{ }}</p>
{{ }}:
<li>subscribed queues: <span v-for="queue in worker.queues">{{queue}} </span></li>
<li>prefetched tasks: {{worker.tasks_reserved}}/{{worker.prefetch_count}}</li>
<li>running tasks: {{worker.tasks_active}}/{{worker.concurrency}}</li>
<li>total processed tasks: {{worker.tasks_processed}}</li>
<li><strong>subscribed queues:</strong> <span v-for="queue in worker.queues">{{queue}} </span>
<strong>prefetched tasks:</strong> {{worker.tasks_reserved}}/{{worker.prefetch_count}},
<strong>running tasks:</strong> {{worker.tasks_active}}/{{worker.concurrency}},
<strong>total processed tasks:</strong> {{worker.tasks_processed}}
<div v-if="!workers.length"><li>-</li></div>
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