more randomization, uniqueness in urls and only scan once per 7 days now

parent 988da854
......@@ -72,13 +72,21 @@ def compose_task(
# apply filter to urls in organizations (or if no filter, all urls)
# do not scan the same url within 24 hours.
# we assume all endpoints are scanned at the same time (this is what qualys does)
# scan only once in seven days. an emergency fix to make sure everything is scanned.
# todo: force re-scan, where days is < 7, with 5000 scanning takes a while and a lot still goes wrong.
urls = Url.objects.filter(
organization__in=organizations, **urls_filter,
).exclude( - timedelta(1))
).exclude( - timedelta(days=7)
).order_by("?") # used to be endpoint__tlsqualysscan__last_scan_moment
# ordered randomly: i didn't get a distinct set of urls due to the inner join on endpoint. Would like to do
# oldest first to make sure everything is scanned more recently. To remove the join.
urls = list(set(urls))
if endpoints_filter:
raise NotImplementedError('This scanner needs to be refactored to scan per endpoint.')
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