Commit 7b2cdf7d authored by Johan Bloemberg's avatar Johan Bloemberg

add dummy scanner for demo/experimentation purpose

parent c08d9e9b
from typing import List
from failmap_admin.organizations.models import Organization
def organizations_from_names(organization_names: List[str]) -> List[Organization]:
"""Turn list of organization names into list of Organization objects.
Will return all organizations if none are specified.
# select specified or all organizations to be scanned
if organization_names:
organizations = list()
for organization_name in organization_names:
except Organization.DoesNotExist as e:
raise Exception("Failed to find organization '%s' by name" % organization_name) from e
organizations = Organization.objects.all()
return organizations
import json
import logging
from import TaskCommand
from failmap_admin.scanners.scanner_dummy_dumdum import scan
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class Command(TaskCommand):
"""Demostrative NOOP scanner for example purposes."""
help = __doc__
def _add_arguments(self, parser):
"""Add command specific arguments."""
self.mutual_group.add_argument('-o', '--organization_names', nargs='*',
help="Perform scans on these organizations (default is all).")
def compose(self, *args, **options):
"""Compose set of tasks based on provided arguments."""
# compose set of tasks to be executed
return scan(options['organization_names'], execute=False)
"""Exemplary and experimentation scanner.
This scanner serves as an example/template for other scanners and as a early adopter of
new methods/processes in scanner development.
import logging
import random
import time
from typing import List
from celery import group
from failmap_admin.celery import ParentFailed, app
from failmap_admin.organizations.models import Organization, Url
from failmap_admin.scanners.endpoint_scan_manager import EndpointScanManager
from .common import organizations_from_names
from .models import Endpoint
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
# how often a task should be retried when encountering an expectable exception
# after which time a pending task should no longer be accepted by a worker
def scan(organization_names: List[str], execute=True):
"""Compose and execute taskset to scan specified organizations."""
task = compose(organizations_from_names(organization_names))
if execute:
return task.apply_async()
return task
def compose(organizations: List[Organization]):
"""Compose taskset to scan specified organizations."""
# collect all scannable urls for provided organizations
urls = Url.objects.all().filter(is_dead=False,
endpoints = Endpoint.objects.all().filter(url__in=urls, is_dead=False, protocol__in=['http', 'https'])
log.debug('scanning %s endpoints for %s urls for %s organizations',
len(endpoints), len(urls), len(organizations))
def compose_subtasks(endpoint):
"""Create a task chain of scan & store for a given endpoint."""
scan_task = scan_dummy.s(endpoint.uri_url())
store_task = store_dummy.s(endpoint)
return scan_task | store_task
# create a group of parallel executable scan&store tasks for all endpoints
taskset = group(compose_subtasks(endpoint) for endpoint in endpoints)
return taskset
def store_dummy(result, endpoint):
# if scan task failed, ignore the result (exception) and report failed status
if isinstance(result, Exception):
return ParentFailed('skipping result parsing because scan failed.', cause=result)
log.debug('Storing result: %s, for endpoint: %s.', result, endpoint)
if result:
'Dummy', endpoint, 'True', 'Because the result was True')
'Dummy', endpoint, 'False', 'Because the result was False')
# return something informative
return {'status': 'success', 'result': result}
class SomeError(Exception):
"""Just some expectable error."""
retry_kwargs={'max_retries': MAX_RETRIES},
def scan_dummy(self, uri_url):
try:'Start scanning %s', uri_url)
# sometimes a task fails
if not random.randint(0, 5):
raise SomeError('some error occured')
# often tasks take different times to execute
time.sleep(random.randint(1, 10) / 10)
# the result can be different
result = bool(random.randint(0, 1))'Done scanning: %s, result: %s', uri_url, result)
return result
except SomeError as e:
# If an expected error is encountered put this task back on the queue to be retried.
# This will keep the chained logic in place (saving result after successful scan).
# Retry delay and total number of attempts is configured in the task decorator.
# Since this action raises an exception itself, any code after this won't be executed.
raise self.retry(exc=e)
except BaseException:
# If this task still fails after maximum retries the last
# error will be passed as result to the next task.
log.exception('Retried %s times and it still failed', MAX_RETRIES)
return e
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