Commit 7ab13958 authored by Johan Bloemberg's avatar Johan Bloemberg

Fix compressed javascript manifest test when multiple js files are available in the manifest.

parent d3eeaa41
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......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ curl -s "http://$host:$port" |grep MSPAINT.EXE
# static files
curl -sI "http://$host:$port/static/images/fail_logo.png" |grep 200\ OK
# compressed static files
curl -sI "http://$host:$port/static/$(curl -s "http://$host:$port/static/CACHE/manifest.json"|sed -n 's,.*\(CACHE/js/.*js\).*,\1,p')"|grep 200\ OK
curl -sI "http://$host:$port/static/$(curl -s "http://$host:$port/static/CACHE/manifest.json"|sed -n 's,.*\(CACHE/js/.*js\).*,\1,p'|head -n1)"|grep 200\ OK
# admin login
curl -siv --cookie-jar cookie-$$ --cookie cookie-$$ "http://$host:$port/admin/login/"|grep 200\ OK
curl -siv --cookie-jar cookie-$$ --cookie cookie-$$ --data "csrfmiddlewaretoken=$(grep csrftoken cookie-$$ | cut -f 7)&username=admin&password=faalkaart" "http://$host:$port/admin/login/"|grep 302\ Found
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