Commit 65c91685 authored by Johan Bloemberg's avatar Johan Bloemberg

add git sha as build version for unreleased commits

parent 4ebc3367
import os
import sys
from subprocess import check_output
from setuptools import find_packages, setup
def get_version():
"""Determine current version number from nearest git tag."""
"""Determine the most appropriate version number for this package."""
# prefer explicit version provided by (docker) build environment
if os.path.exists('version'):
return open('version').read().strip()
except Exception:
# fallback to git tag if building python package
# try to use git tag if building python package
# get closest tag version
tag_version = check_output(["git", "describe", "--tags", "--abbrev=0"]).rstrip().decode()
# determine if there has been development beyond the latest tagged commit
dirty = bool(check_output(["git", "status", "--porcelain"]).strip())
unpushed = bool(check_output(["git", "rev-list", tag_version + ".."]).strip())
develop = dirty or unpushed
unreleased = bool(check_output(["git", "rev-list", tag_version + ".."]).strip())
if develop:
# there are unsaved changes
if dirty:
return tag_version + '.dev0'
return tag_version
except Exception:
# fallback
return '0.0.0'
# the verion is commits ahead of latest tagged release
if unreleased:
# append git sha to version
return tag_version + '+' + check_output("git rev-parse --short HEAD".split()).strip().decode()
return tag_version
except Exception as e:
print("Failed to acquire version info from git: {e}".format(e=e), file=sys.stderr)
return '0.0.0'
......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ commands =
commands =
# make sure code quality is up to par
pylama failmap_admin tests
pylama failmap_admin tests
# ensure all datasets can be imported
......@@ -47,8 +47,8 @@ deps =
commands =
autopep8 -ri failmap_admin tests
isort -rc failmap_admin tests
autopep8 -ri failmap_admin tests
isort -rc failmap_admin tests
# do a check after autofixing to show remaining problems
pylama failmap_admin tests
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