Commit 05ac0945 authored by Johan Bloemberg's avatar Johan Bloemberg

prevent creating empty version file

parent 12b97014
......@@ -12,7 +12,11 @@ def get_version():
# prefer explicit version provided by (docker) build environment
if os.path.exists('version'):
return open('version').read().strip()
version = open('version').read().strip()
# ignore empty version file
if version:
print('Found version in file', file=sys.stderr)
return version
# try to use git tag if building python package
......@@ -24,10 +28,13 @@ def get_version():
# there are unsaved changes
if dirty:
print('Repo has unsaved changes, versioning as development', file=sys.stderr)
return tag_version + '.dev0'
# the verion is commits ahead of latest tagged release
if unreleased:
print('Found commits after last release, versioning with latest sha', file=sys.stderr)
# append git sha to version
return tag_version + '+' + check_output("git rev-parse --short HEAD".split()).strip().decode()
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