Commit f895bf25 authored by Johan Bloemberg's avatar Johan Bloemberg

Be explicit about the used python3 version, optimize tox runs by sharing virtualenvs.

parent b0c577dc
# use full image for build (compile) dependencies
FROM python:3 as build
FROM python:3.6 as build
# install app and dependencies in a artifact-able directory
RUN pip install virtualenv
envlist = check,py34,datasets
envlist = check,py36,datasets
# default test set runs test suite and fixture integrity checks
basepython = python3
# make all other testenvs use the same virtualenv directory as there is no difference in dependencies
# and this reduces time required to build the same environment for every command
envdir = {toxworkdir}/py36
basepython = python3.6
usedevelop = True
extras =
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