Commit e4385bac authored by Elger Jonker's avatar Elger Jonker

other naming for containers

Former-commit-id: 17360621
parent e7c4d2b6
......@@ -942,9 +942,9 @@ JET_SIDE_MENU_ITEMS = [ # A list of application or custom item dicts
], 'permissions': ['admin']},
{'app_label': 'hypersh', 'label': _('☁️ hypersh cloud scans'), 'items': [
{'name': 'containerenvironment'},
{'name': 'containerconfiguration'},
{'name': 'containergroup'},
{'name': 'containerenvironment', 'label': _('Environment variables'), },
{'name': 'containerconfiguration', 'label': _('Container configuration'), },
{'name': 'containergroup', 'label': _('Container instances'), },
{'name': 'credential'},
], 'permissions': ['admin']},
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