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Ensure Docker is installed and running. Execute the following command to bring up the environment:
docker-compose up
docker-compose up -d --build
This will build and start all required components and dependencies to run a complete instance of the Failmap project (grab some coffee the first time this takes a while).
The containers are run in the background, to view logs for all containers run:
docker-compose logs -f
Notice: MySQL/Redis connection errors might be shown during startup. This is normal as the database container takes some time to startup. All related actions will be retried until they succeed. To check everything is correct see the `docker-compose ps` command below for the expected output.
You can now visit the [map website]( and/or the
[admin website]( at (credentials: admin:faalkaart).
To stop the environment simply press [CTRL][C].
The environment is aware of code changes in the `failmap_admin` folder. Services are automatically restarted to reflect the latest changes.
It is possible to start the environment in the background using:
docker-compose up -d
This can be shutdown using `docker-compose down`
To stop the entire stack run: `docker-compose down`
There is a command-line application available to perform administrative tasks. To run it do:
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Further in this documentation the `failmap-admin` command is mentioned, when using the Docker environment always prepend `docker-compose exec admin` before the command.
To view (and follow) all logs run:
docker-compose logs -f
To see all running components:
$ docker-compose ps
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